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Deutsche Homöopathie-Union (DHU) is an affiliated company of Schwabe Pharmaceuticals Group owned by the Schwabe family since its creation and managed today by the 5th generation.

DHU was founded in 1961 as an affiliate of the Schwabe Group in order to concentrate on homeopathic drugs while Schwabe remained focused on phyto-pharmaceuticals. For over 50 years, DHU has grown into a medium-sized company and is now employing a staff of more than 450 people.

DHU’s knowledge and experience have been accumulated long before the foundation of the company. The roots of the DHU unique expertise in homeopathy lie in the company Dr. Willmar Schwabe itself when Dr. Willmar Schwabe inaugurated, in 1866 - about 150 years ago -, the Central Homeopathic Dispensary Dr. Willmar Schwabe ("Homöopatische Centralofficin Dr. Willmar Schwabe").

A milestone in the homeopathic environment was the release of “Pharmacopoea Homeopathica Polyglottica”, the first generally applicable and recognized compendium of quality specifications for homeopathic medicines, written by Dr. Willmar Schwabe himself in 1872. This is how the Schwabe company embraced the great opportunity to define and document THE valid production and quality standards of homeopathic medications.

Today DHU is one of the leading global manufacturers in the field of natural drugs such as homeopathic medicines and Dr. Schüssler Salts. During the past decade, DHU dynamically entered the international self-medication segment (OTC – Over The Counter) and constantly increased its focus and presence in this segment, setting the pace for natural remedies and creating a standard for a caring, gentle, yet effective cure. Maximum quality and a wide, market tailored product range contribute to the success of the company in Germany and in over 40 countries worldwide.

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