Homeopathy: Supports the Self-Healing
Power of the Body

Homeopathy is an effective, tolerable, gentle and holistic therapy, stimulating and regulating the self-healing powers of the body. The term „homeopathy“ goes back to the Greek words „óμοίον πάθος“ - „hómoion“ meaning „similar“ and „páthos“ meaning „disease“.

Homeopathic combination remedies are unique and well-proven combinations of ingredients which are beneficial in the treatment of special illnesses. Therapy by combination remedies is a convenient option both for the practitioner to allow an indication-specific treatment of ailments, and for the patient, for a reasonable and ready-to-use alternative for self-medication in everyday health complaints. Those remedies offer a natural and safe alternative, with virtually no side-effects. Combination remedies can be used for a long-term treatment of chronic diseases. Most of these remedies are beneficial for the treatment of pregnant women and babies but also for the whole family.

We also produce homeopathic single remedies with active substances of plant, mineral or animal origin. The most important preparations are permanently on stock in all frequently used potencies and dosage forms: globules or pillules, tablets, dilutions, injectables and ointments.

All our remedies - custom orders or stock goods – are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and methods specified in the German Homeopathic Pharmacopeia. The potentisation is exclusively made by hand at DHU – in compliance with the original instructions of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and the tradition of our company's founder, Dr. Willmar Schwabe.

In our production, we mainly process starting materials originating from medicinal plants. Most of them are cultivated in our own nursery, certified for organic cultivation, in Staffort near Karlsruhe, Germany.