Manufacturing & Quality: Outstanding

The top priority of the DHU manufacturing facilities, all over the world, is to assure a constant and outstanding quality of all our products. We are very proud of our certification for organic cultivation, where regular quality controls are carried out in our premises, by independent experts.

The materials that are not cultivated or produced by ourselves but are supplied by third parties, abide by the same high quality standards. Our strict quality control, including laboratory tests, ensures that conformity of all supplied materials with these high standards is respected.

During our manufacturing process, all individual steps are monitored by strict and comprehensive in-process controls according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Our production processes, which are distinctive for homeopathy, strictly comply with the methods specified in the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (GHB).

Legal Disclaimer

The website has been designed to give users first and general information about the DHU's drugs like e.g. Colikind® and the indication for which it is intended. The products are available in many countries worldwide. However, they are subject to authorizations and regulations which differ from country to country. Therefore, in any case, before starting to use any DHU products always consult your doctor, your pharmacy or the package insert in YOUR home country in order to obtain complete and - up-to-date information which is valid for your country. This website is designated only for the use by persons not domiciled in the Federal Republic of Germany or in Switzerland. The website is explicitly not addressed to persons living in Germany or Switzerland, in which the publication of information as described herein may be restricted. Persons, who are subject to any such restriction as to their residence, nationality or other reasons, are not allowed to use this website.

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