Research & Development: Part of DHU's

In addition to manufacturing high-quality medicinal products, we also engage our efforts in research and development.

This is where special attention must be paid to the unique characteristics of homeopathy. In the segment of single remedies, the individualized therapy according to the so-called “Simile Principle”, plays a major role. But also, studies evaluating the homeopathic therapy epidemiologically, contribute to the development of our knowledge when it comes to the effectiveness of our products.

Furthermore, homeopathic provings are conducted in order to work on the development of homeopathic medicinal products. During such a proving, a particular homeopathic medicinal product is administered to healthy volunteers and the symptoms are documented and evaluated systematically. The results expand our knowledge about possible therapeutic areas according to the “Simile Principle”.

In basic research, various models exist to explain the mode of action of homeopathic medicinal products. Nevertheless, the basic principles of homeopathy need to be investigated further and we are committed to support this research. We are steadily integrating the latest scientific findings into all of our considerations. All these efforts are an essential part of our company’s philosophy.

The development of DHU homeopathic combination products has been based on the knowledge and experience pertaining to the effectiveness of single substances in specific indications for many decades. Each active substance is a proven reasonable part of the combination, as it contributes to the positive appraisal of the final product, enhancing a synergistic effect with regard to the respective indication. The effectiveness of these combination products has been demonstrated in numerous clinical studies, conducted all over the world and is still a major part of our research activities.